The Main IT/BPM Organization of Cebu

formerly CEDFIT - Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology

CIB.O gets FLARE Award 2018

The Cebu IT BPM.Organization or CIB.O(formerly CEDFIT) was given by the board of trustees of the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Phils. or IBPAP the Sapphire for Brilliance Award of IBPAP-Globe at the Flare Awards 2018 for ardently investing time and effort on discovering emerging locations and strategically developing Next Wave Cities.

Launching of CIB.O

Last May 22, during the 2017 Transformation Summit at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Chairman Francis Monera announced CEDFIT’s evolution from a human resource development organization to a full-time industry association to sustain the growth of Cebu’s IT/BPM industry as it shifts towards providing higher value IT and IT-enabled services. The evolved organization will collaborate with various sectors to address the needs of the industry to be ready and equipped for the challenges ahead. CEDFIT will now be known as Cebu IT/BPM Organization or CIB.O.

"It is often said that the way to move forward is to look back,” Chairman Francis Monera said as he narrates the story of CEDFIT.

The CIB.O logo, which retains the elements of the CEDFIT logo, was revealed.

CIB.O Board of Trustees toast to CEDFIT’s track record of success, CIB.O’s prospects, and Cebu’s IT/BPM industry’s growth and prosperity.

(L-R: CIB.O President Gregg Gabison, CIB.O Vice President Elena Palacios, CIB.O Trustee Anthony Noel, CIB.O Chairman Francis Monera, CIB.O Trustees Franklin Pasayloon, Edwin Paul and Jigger Escario, and CIB.O Managing Director Jun Sa-a)